Charter of the European Region of the WCPT


The EUROPEAN REGION of World Confederation for Physical Therapy was established through a merger of the WCPT Europe (European Region of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy) and the SLCP (Standing Liaison Committee of Physiotherapists in the EU) in September 1998.
The aims and the objectives of the SLCP were to maintain the interest of physiotherapists in the European Union.  The aims and objectives of the WCPT Europe were to act as the region of the WCPT in all matters that could promote the regional interests of the WCPT.
The reason for the merger was a wish to co-ordinate the efforts and to use the available resources in one joint organisation to the benefit of the physiotherapy associations and physiotherapy professionals of Europe.
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The European Region is a European non-profit non-governmental organisation of professional associations of physiotherapists.
The specific aims and objectives of the ER-WCPT shall be:
2.1 To promote the development of physiotherapy reciprocity of physiotherapy qualifications and to improve the quality of physiotherapy education and practice in Europe.
2.2 To promote physiotherapy in Europe and to oversee all matters dealing with physiotherapy.
2.3 To facilitate migration and the right of establishment of physiotherapists in Europe, within the National and EU legislative framework.
2.4 To encourage closer co-operation among the national physiotherapy Associations of the Region in all professional matters in the interest to improve general health of the population of the region.
2.5 To co-operate with international organisations in Europe to promote the aims and objectives of ER- WCPT.
2.6 To represent the interests of and speak for its Member Organisations to all European Authorities.
2.7 To develop policies and declarations for proposition to the Executive Committee and General Meeting of the WCPT.
2.8 To represent the profession of physiotherapy on a regional basis in consultation with the Executive Committee or as delegated by the Executive Committee of the ER-WCPT.
The aims and objectives shall be fulfilled by the following activities:
3.1 Encourage by all means the international exchange of physiotherapy research, educational curricula, articles, journals, and the promotion of evidence based practice.
3.2 Encourage the international exchange of educators, researchers and students.
3.3 Monitor demand and supply of physiotherapists in the region and inform governments and other appropriate bodies of over- and under-supply in relation to demographic needs in co-operation and in consultation with the national Member Organisation.
3.4 Identify and promote postgraduate physiotherapy programmes recognised by the member organisations and encourage international participation.
3.5 Establish working groups in chosen areas of physiotherapy.
3.6 Promote and develop educational and professional congresses, seminars and conferences for the benefit of the physiotherapy profession.
3.7 Maintain essential relations with European constituent organisations and authorities. Examine all matters concerned with publication of EU Directives, regulations, projects and all other decisions or proposals which may affect physiotherapists and to inform the competent authorities.
3.8 Promote the physiotherapy profession and its activities by public relations in all aspects.
3.9 Encourage the collaboration between members of associations, individually or in groups.
3.10  Initiate other professional activities in the Region.
3.11  Act upon recommendations of the Executive Committee of WCPT.
3.12  Contribute regularly to the Newsletter of WCPT and to encourage physiotherapists and associations in Europe to do the same.
3.13  Report annually to the Executive Committee of WCPT on the activities of the European Region and its finances.
3.14  Consider support to other Regions of WCPT in achieving their aims and objectives for mutual benefit.
3.15  Undertake any other activities as decided by the ER-WCPT Executive Committee and the General Meeting.
4.1. All Member Organisations of the European Region must be Member Organisations of WCPT.
4.2. The Executive Committee may grant observer status to physiotherapy organisations within the European Region that have been granted provisional membership status by WCPT.
4.3 All physiotherapy organisations in Europe that have expressed an interest in becoming members of WCPT may be invited as observers.


5.1.    The elected members of the Executive Committee shall be the Chairman, the First vice-Chairman, the Second vice-Chairman, the Treasurer and the Regional Member to the Executive Committee of WCPT.
5.2.    The candidates must be physiotherapists endorsed in writing and signed by the Chairman or President of their own Member Organisation.
5.3.    Nomination of candidates for election for the Executive Committee should be sent to the General Secretary 3 months before the General Meeting where the election will take place.
5.4.    The General Meeting shall elect each of the members by successive, separate and secret ballot.  The members will take office immediately after the General Meeting.
5.5.    The elected members of the Executive Committee will each serve for a term of four years and will be eligible for re-election. The regional member must be elected every 4 years before the WCPT General Meeting.
5.6.    The members of the Executive Committee shall be elected so that half of the members are elected at each General Meeting every two years.
5.7.    The regional member of the Executive Committee of WCPT shall be elected by secret and separate ballot at the last regional General Meeting prior the WCPT General Meeting.
The election of the regional member shall be confirmed at the subsequent WCPT General Meeting.
The regional member shall serve from the close of the first WCPT General Meeting after they are elected, or if the General Meeting is held during a WCPT Congress, from the close of this Congress – until the close of the General Meeting (or Congress) thereafter.
5.8.    The Executive Committee is responsible for the establishment of a secretariat and the employment of staff necessary for the administration of ER-WCPT.
5.9.    There shall be two alternate members elected to the Executive Committee to fill the place of an officer in the event of permanent absence for the   remainder of that officer’s election period.
5.10. Any physiotherapist member of a Member Organisation may be nominated.
5.11. Each Member Organisation may nominate a member for each position available on the Executive Committee. However, only one member from any Member Organisation may be elected to the Executive committee at any time.
5.12. The powers of the Executive Committee are to direct the daily administration of the European Region and execute the decisions of the General Meeting. The Executive Committee acts as the highest authority of the ER-WCPT between General Meetings.
5.13. The Executive Committee shall decide their own procedure of meetings.


6.1     The Executive Committee may establish working groups to fulfil certain tasks or develop areas of specific interest.
6.2     The working groups are advisory bodies of the Executive Committee and must act within the responsibility of the Executive Committee.
6.3     The working groups may include members from associations with special interest and knowledge. The Chairman will be appointed by the Executive Committee.
6.4     The Executive Committee must establish general rules for the framework of the working groups.
7.1    A General Meeting of ER-WCPT shall be held at least every second year.
Extraordinary meetings shall be called by the Chairman at the request of a minimum of 4 out of 5 members of the Executive Committee or at the request of over one third of the Member Organisations stating the proposed agenda item(s).
7.2    All proposals must be received at the secretariat for distribution by the dates set in the notice of the General Meeting.
7.3    The Executive Committee must distribute the agenda and supportive documents for the General Meeting at least two months prior to that meeting.
7.4    Member Organisations may send no more than three delegates to the General Meeting and observer organisations may send no more than one delegate. Attendance of observers will normally be limited to two General Meetings. The delegates must be authorised by the representative organisation.
7.5     The President and/or the vice-President and/or the Secretary General of WCPT may attend the meetings on the Region and have the right to speak.
7.6     All delegates of Member Organisations have a right to speak but only one delegate per organisation may vote.
7.7   The Member Organisations may decide to include a non-physiotherapist in their delegation.
7.8   The voting delegate must be a physiotherapist.
8.1    The rules of procedure of General Meetings shall be proposed by the Executive Committee on each occasion and approved by the delegates.
8.2    Minutes of the General Meeting shall be taken and must be distributed to all member organisations, normally within three months after the meeting
9.1  No matters may be brought to a vote unless a quorum of over 50% of the total membership of ER-WCPT is present.
9.2  General Meeting decisions shall be made in the following manner:
9.2.1  The meeting will work to achieve the largest possible consensus of opinion on all matters relating to the practice of physiotherapy.
9.2.2  On the basis of a simple majority vote in all matters relating to the general administration of the European Region except for the modification of the charter, which requires a two-thirds majority.
9.3    In all matters brought to the vote, each Member Organisation will have one vote.
9.4    Method of voting will be by a show of hands unless a written vote is requested.
10.1 Each member and observer organisation shall pay the annual membership fee decided by the General Meeting.
10.2 The financial year of the ER-WCPT shall be from the 1st of January to the 31st of December.
10.3 Membership fees shall be paid into a special bank account opened by the Treasurer for and on behalf of the ER-WCPT.
         In default of payment of the membership fee by the due date, all membership rights will be forfeited for that financial year, or until such time as the outstanding subscription is paid.
10.4 The Treasurer shall present a financial report for approval at the General Meeting as audited by elected auditors at the General Meeting.
10.5The General Meeting shall decide the budget for the next/following financial years.
10.6  All travel hotel costs, participation fees and other expenses relating to attending the General Meeting and Working Group Meetings shall be the responsibility of each member and observer organisation, except for Executive Committee members, whose costs will be met.
10.7  All travel, hotel and other expenses for meetings conducted by the ER-WCPT or expenses made by any member of the Executive Committee, as representatives of the European Region shall be the responsibility of, and paid for by the ER-WCPT. Members of the Executive Committee are expected to ensure economy in travel and accommodation.
11.1  The official languages of the ER-WCPT are for all meetings English and French, and for all documents is English.
11.2  All documents concerning the meetings should be sent in English at least six weeks prior to the fixed date.
12.1   The Charter may be amended at any General Meeting.
12.2  Notice of the General Meeting including the time and place shall be given to the Member Organisations at least nine months before the date of the meeting, except in the case of an Extraordinary General Meeting.
12.3  Proposed amendments of articles must be received by the General Secretary at least six months prior to the General Meeting.
12.4   A two-thirds affirmative vote is required to adopt an amendment of the articles.
13.1  A motion proposing the dissolution of ER-WCPT shall be considered only at a special meeting called for that purpose.  At least two-thirds of the voting delegates must be present.
13.2  A two-thirds affirmative vote of the voting delegates present is required for dissolution.
13.3  If such a motion is carried, a written referendum shall be called within sixty days to confirm or revoke the vote to dissolve.
13.4  In the case of dissolution of the ER-WCPT for whatever reason, the Member Organisations jointly undertake to cover any liabilities of the ER-WCPT.
13.5  Furthermore, the ER-WCPT members shall make a decision for the disposal of assets to the WCPT and in absence of a World Confederation, to a non-profit-making organisation(s) of physiotherapists.