Education Issues


The objectives of the European Region of the WCPT, as stated in the Charter, are, among others, to promote the development of physiotherapy, the reciprocity of the recognition of physiotherapy qualifications, and to improve the quality of physiotherapy education and practice in Europe. Education, both at basic and post basic levels, plays a fundamental role to guarantee the professional identity, and is an important tool to promote free movement and the right of establishment of physiotherapists in Europe. Within this framework, the Executive Committee established, in December 1999, a working group especially devoted to these matters.


Activities recommended by the Education Matters WG for the period 2012 – 2014
Approved by the 2012 GM

On an overall level the WG should identify ways of obtaining information about developments regarding levels and quality of education, follow up other health professions developments, and future perspectives in line the WCPT briefing papers and statements.

  1. To keep updated the inventory on Physiotherapy Entry Level of Education within the ER-WCPT.
  2. To identify indicators to follow up Masters programmes in Physiotherapy within the ER-WCPT. 
  3. To develop the European vision for CPD, in conjunction with the PI WG.
  4. To review the topic of Specialisation and consider revising the report on Specialisation approved in 2006.
  5. To review the topic of quality assurance procedures in physiotherapy education and consider possible actions, including exploring the role of international accreditation as well as considering the development of European guidelines and improve the existing tool kit resources to support Quality Assurance process.
  6. To monitor the ranking process within Higher Education at national and International levels.
  7. To update the “Policy Statement on Physiotherapy Education” and align it with the “Briefing paper of Research and Research Careers in Physiotherapy in Europe”.
  8. To identify priority research issues and possible opportunities for action by the ER-WCPT in relation to the European foundation in collaboration to the rest of the WGs of the ER-WCPT
  9. To continue facilitating closer links and cooperation with ENPHE and other relevant entities related with physiotherapy education.
  10. To contribute to the completion of the 3rd European Congress on Physiotherapy Education.
  11. To prepare the organisation of the 4th European Congress on Physiotherapy Education to take place in 2016.
  12. To identify information to be included on the ER WCPT website, under the button of education, relating to all education levels, research and EBP.
  13. Monitor the information about education, displayed at the web pages of the MO’s.
  14. To collaborate with the EU WG in the modernisation of the Directive for professional Qualifications 2005/36/EU.