The Education Policy of the European Region of the WCPT

Education Policy Statement

The Executive Committee is pleased to present the Education Policy Statement, prepared by the Education Working Group of the European Region of WCPT. The purpose of this statement is to provide information to physiotherapists, educators and the appropriate authorities and institutions within the European Union on the principles that underpin programmes of physiotherapy education. These principles cover undergraduate education and the continuum of life-long learning opportunities including higher degrees.

Central to the statement are the revised WCPT declaration of principle and position statements on Education (15th general meeting 2003), the Bologna principles and the direction of the Bologna reforms (Reichart and Tauch, C 2003).

The Education Policy Statement seeks to protect students by advocating quality assurance mechanisms and to contribute to the concept of achieving a European Common Platform by highlighting the need for transparent pathways and equity in access to physiotherapy education programmes at all levels. The statement aims to provide confidence to the public and to public bodies and the wider higher education sectors promoting the International standing of Physiotherapy Education in Europe.

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