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The Practice of Physiotherapy in Europe


The General Meeting of the European Region of WCPT (ER-WCPT) in 2000 decided that the Report on the Practice of Physiotherapy in the European Union (EU), published in 1996 should be revised.

Purpose - scope

The Executive Committee asked the working groups of the ER-WCPT to review the existing report and make recommendations on the revision of the report. The working groups recommended to concentration the information in the revised report on issues that are most important and relevant for the profession and that the report should cover all Member Organisations.

Task Force

The report was revised by the Chairmen of the three working groups:

  • Antonio Lopes, Chairman of the Education Working Group
  • Eckhardt Boehle, Chairman of the Professional Issues Working Group
  • Sigrún Knútsdóttir, Chairman of the European Union matters Working Group.

A questionnaire was sent to the 33 Member Organisations (MO´s) of the ER - WCPT early in 2004 and again by the end of 2004 for updates.


Answers were received from 31 Member Organisations in 2004 which was 94 % response rate.

In 2005, an update was received from 27 Member Organisations (77,1 %).

The report is divided into 4 different chapters:

  • Regulation of the Profession
  • Access to Physiotherapy
  • Autonomy of the Profession
  • Reimbursement systems of Physiotherapy services

This information is additional to the demographic information that is gathered annually. The information gathered is presented in tables and diagrams.


Framework on Twinning in the European Region of WCPT
The ER-WCPT General Meeting 2004, GM, in Limassol, Cyprus, adopted a framework on how to start, implement and evaluate twinning projects.